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Open the door to eliminating compulsive behaviours and overcome addictions like eating, drinking or spending too much.

Welcome to Right Recovery for You® !

Access Consciousness ® is a set of tools, techniques, systems and philosophy that will change any part of your life that isn’t working the way you’d like it to.
These tools and processes are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone.


“Consciousness includes everything and everyone, and judges nothing and no one.”
~ Dr. Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness

 What if addiction is not what you think it is?

 As long as you are operating out of what you have been told addiction is and all the myths and lies that go along with that, you will never be able to choose beyond it. 

Addiction shows up in many different forms. It’s really about a place where people go that they don’t have to be present in their own lives and they don’t have to include others.

What if addiction was an energy looking for a target? The target could be drugs, alcohol, sex, food, cigarettes, or other commonly accepted addictions. But it can just as easily be a need to be right, to be perfect, to being a victim, to disease or to fix or rescue other people. The target of addiction can show up as being addicted to trauma and drama, being superior, or even sadness and depression. It’s about anywhere you leave yourself and give yourself over to something else. If you find yourself feeling crazy around someone – just ask: Is this person operating from the place of addiction? What are you aware of?

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Addiction is about making a substance or a behavior greater than you. When you are functioning from an addiction, you imbue the target of your addiction with powers and qualities you have decided you don’t have but you absolutely require. You have just entered a no choice universe. 

What if addiction is not wrong? It is a coping skill that many of us adopted because we didn’t know how to manage this reality.

Results from using this treatment model can include decreased treatment time, absence of cravings, and the ability for the client to move onto other issues without the necessity of attending meetings or working a daily program.

If you are willing to consider a radically different aproach to addiction, the classes and one-on-one sessions I offer are for you!

Right Recovery For You®

does not offer a system that you fit yourself into. It also does not tell you what to do or provides you answers about yout your life. What it offers are tools, techniques, information, and processes you can use to clear your issues with addiction and create a life beyond any addictive or compulsive behaviour.
It’s about never cutting off any part of you in favor of someone else.
This is your choice. Even though it may seem a bit scary at first, yet with courage and determination you can move beyond the addictive behaviour you thought would own you for the rest of your life.

What if recovery is not what you think it is?

Recovery is not about having to stop something, unless it is really harming you or your body! It’s about recovering all of the hidden and shoved away parts and pieces of you that you have been hiding as unacceptable and wrong. Recovery is about having and being all of you and not making anyone or anything greater than you. With the energy of true recovery, addiction can’t seduce you or pull you or be an answer that you hold onto.

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