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Welcome to my website!

When we are born as cute little babies, we know everything. We know that we are amazing, infinite beings. We know what we like and also what we don't like. And we express it unapologetically.

However, we are born with completely "unfinished" bodies. We are neither nestlings nor fledglings, but traglings/ baby carriers. In other words, we are completely dependent on the care of others. So we do everything we can to keep our caregivers.

And so, over time, we learn that there are behaviors that are desirable and behaviors that jeopardize our bonds. And we do everything, absolutely everything, to maintain our attachment.

In the process, we learn that we are not allowed to express parts of ourselves. This creates great inner distress and suffering. So we just cut it off or "simply" split it off. It seems to be gone! We no longer have access to it. What seems to ensure our survival in the moment, however, later restricts and limits us just as much as if we had cut off a part of our body.

It can be a long journey to regain access to everything that has been lost in the course of our lives. Biodynamic body psychotherapy is a wonderful way to regain all the lost parts of ourselves. We use our bodies, relearn to listen to the subtle hints it gives us. And we use  muscle memory to gain access to information from pre-verbal times.

Another effective way is through the tools of Access Consciousness. They are a wonderful way to regain access to all that we have ever been. To bring all the separated, suppressed, split-off parts back into our totality and thus regain our wholeness.

When we set out to regain access to all that we know, all that works for us, we can make the choices in our lives that take us out of survival mode - fight or flight - and allow us to truly thrive.

I am very happy to assist you along your journey. 
I am here for you to facilitate you to gain access to your own innate knowing,  with one sessions, with the classes I facilitate worldwide and with the incredible experience to meet free living dolphins.

What contribution can a creationship with dolphins be to your live, living, reality?
Find out in one of our next

Dolphin Safaris

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Access Consciousness ® is a set of tools, techniques, systems and philosophy that will change any part of your life that isn’t working the way you’d like it to.
These tools and processes are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone.


“Consciousness includes everything and everyone, and judges nothing and no one.”
~ Dr. Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness

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Phone           +49  0177 7077274

Relationships Done Different is all about empowering you to be you.

It’s about never cutting off any part of you in favor of someone else.

It’s an invitation to kindness, gratitude, ease, joy and playfulness in relationship.

Umarmung am Strand
What if you could really have a totally different relationship with you, with your body, your kids- if you have any- with your parents- no matter if they still have a body-, with your pets or any other animals, with plants, nature, the entire planet and every being on it?
Would you like to choose it?
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