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Hochzeitspaar umarmt sich


So many people believe their happiness depends on being in relationship.

The projections, expectations, and judgments that relationships are often built on, create separation, rather than communion, and ultimately destroy the relationship.

Relationships Done Different is an invitation to something greater. It’s an invitation to communion...

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Welcome to Right Recovery for You® !

Access Consciousness ® is a set of tools, techniques, systems and philosophy that will change any part of your life that isn’t working the way you’d like it to.
These tools and processes are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone.


“Consciousness includes everything and everyone, and judges nothing and no one.”
~ Dr. Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness

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What contribution can a creationship with dolphins be to your live, living, reality?
Find out in one of our next

Dolphin Safaris

Gutenachkuss vom Kind

                                      is all about empowering you to be you.

It’s about never cutting off any part of you in favor of someone else.

It’s an invitation to kindness, gratitude, ease, joy and playfulness in relationship.

Relationships DOne Different Logo.png
Umarmung am Strand
Kaffeepause mit Freunden
Spazieren im Park
What if you could really have a totally different relationship with you, with your body, your kids- if you have any- with your parents- no matter if they still have a body-, with your pets or any other animals, with plants, nature, the entire planet and every being on it?
Are you choosing it?
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