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About Heiderose

Hi! My name is Heiderose Scheerer and I have been seeking a greater and easier life for me and the world all my life!
I live in a scenic town in the South of Germany, where I work in my own practise. I have been into holistic and complementary medicine for more than tentyfive years. And I also travel around the globe, facilitating or translating classes.
With my patients and clients I work with different trauma therapies, manual therapies like Biodynamic Massages, Deep Draining, Craniosacral Therapy, as well as Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, and the fantastic tools of Access Consciousness® on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level to facilitate them reaching their goals and have the choice to create a life they actually love.
Using the tools of Access since 2011, facilitating quantum leaps in my own life as well as my clients’ and participants’ I am so honoured and priviledged to work with people who are willing to show up and go beyond their programming. I enjoy spreading those pragmatic and easy- to- use- tools in classes and in one-on-on sessions. I love traveling all over the world, and I love facilitating classes. So I might come to a place near you any time soon. Please check my class schedule in English here or just write a note and aks!

What would this world be like if you knew you couldn’t fail? And that everything you have ever desired and asked for is actually available to you?

Relationships Done Different with animals

I am mother of two wonderful adult kids and love to be in nature. I have a very unique way of getting in touch with people, animals, plants, the entire planet and all beings on it.
In my spare time, I go for walks in the woods or riding on horseback. On my vacations I love to go scuba diving and play with dolphins and other ocean creatures. Therefore, I organize annual dolphin safaris in the Red Sea/ Egypt for people to get into touch with these amazing beings.
Please go to to get more info about being with dolphins. To book a session or class with me, just leave a message here on this page!

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