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So many people believe their happiness depends on being in relationship.

The projections, expectations, and judgments that relationships are often built on, create separation, rather than communion, and ultimately destroy the relationship.

Relationships Done Different is an invitation to something greater. It’s an invitation to communion.

In truth, you don’t have to be in a relationship with another person to be happy. You can simply choose to wake up happy every day.

In this 2.5 day class, you will be given simple and pragmatic tools designed to empower you to create relationships that actually work, starting with a relationship with you

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What if relationship is not the source for creating your life? What if YOU are the source of creation? You are the catalyst of change. You are the one who can create the life you truly desire, and you are the one who created your life as it currently is! Even if it was not a concious choice.


If you would like to have a great relationship, whether it is with someone else or with yourself, and haven’t been able to create it so far, please don’t give up!


What if you made a demand of yourself, and a request of the Universe to start making different choices? And, stop judging yourself. No matter where you are right now, things can change!


What if relationship is not about security or safety? What if relationship is about kindness and caring and always empowering the other person to be greater, even if that means they might leave?

What if you could create something we like to call a CREATIONSHIP?

In order to have a creationship, it needs to be about, “How do we include everyone and everything in it and also contribute to creating more for a different world?” If you have those elements, you have a chance at a creationship. Creationships are not based on your connection. They are based on your capacity for creation. Spoiler alert: If you are doing it because you need somebody in your life, it’s not going to work.


In the 2.5 Day Relationship s Done Different Masterclass you will have a look at what actually works for you and what doesn't.
So you can choose what works for you.
You will look at your believes, fantasies, all the lies you bought from others, all the stories you were told that run you on autopilot instead of consciously choosing for you what actually works for you and your relationships.
What if you can actually create totally different relationships, that really work for you,that are nurturing, kind and caring, a contribution to you and everyone involved?
No matter if it is a totally different relationship with yourself, 

a totally different relationship with your body,
a totally different relationship with your significant- or enjoyable- other

a totally different relationship with your family,

a totally different relationship with everyone at your workplace,
a totally differnt relationship with co- workers, clients, customers, and
a totally different relationships with animals,

a totally different relationship with plants, nature, the entire planet, that you desire, 

what if Relationships Done Different gives you the pragmatic tools to change your relationships with everyone?

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Gutenachkuss vom Kind

                                        is all about empowering you to be you.

It’s about never cutting off any part of you in favor of someone else.

It’s an invitation to kindness, gratitude, ease, joy and playfulness in relationship.

Relationships Done Different white.png
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What if you could really have a totally different relationship with you, with your body, your kids- if you have any- with your parents- no matter if they still have a body-, with your pets or any other animals, with plants, nature, the entire planet and every being on it?
Are you choosing it?